Acts of Green

Start from 17 Apr - 24 Apr

Atrium, Ground Floor

DA MEN Mall - Acts of Green 

Here are some few things to look out for this weekend in conjunction with Earth Day.


Get your very own hand-drawn postcards and have it delivered to your love ones just by dropping them into the giant envelope postbox.


Leo Fashion House

Pick from the wide selection of imported accessories and do not forget to check out their specially handwoven wool purse too!


Mama Miya

Fans of Tsum-Tsum? You should really check this out.


Kebun Kaki Bukit

Shop for freshly harvested sweet corns, passion fruits and organic jam. Also find out more on how you can plant, harvest and maintain edible plants here.

Feel free to drop your old and unuse jewellery at their booth as it will be upcycled into a new piece of jewellery.


Terrarium Malaysia

Get your Terrarium essentials here.


Asli Honey Products

Check out the variety of wild honeys harvested by the indigenous tribe in Pahang.


Natural Health Farm

Consult them now for a microcirculation and iridology analysis.


Dotop Enterprise

Check out the range of organic foods such as maple syrup, pink grapefruit extract, organic chia seed and many more.

Bicycle Charging Station

Pedal away on exercycle for 6 minutes to charge your phone for an hour.



Stores Participating