Battling it out via music

01 Sep 2019

Exhibition Hall, 4th Floor

THE STAR | 1 September 2019

SEGi College Subang Jaya recently awarded scholarships and cash prizes worth almost RM300,000 to the winners of its inaugural SEGi International Music Competition 2019.

It was held in collaboration with He Yue Chinese Orchestra Group, Malaysia.

Aimed at inculcating a love for the universal form of art and inspiring more youths to pursue a career in music, the competition is the first of its kind to see an artistic clash of over 150 music enthusiasts from various backgrounds and level of mastery from Asia.

The two-day competition featured Solo/Duet Instrumental (Chinese & Western) and Solo/Duet Vocal (Popular & Classical) categories.

It was open to Malaysian students aged 10 to 19 and international participants. It received over 150 entries from Malaysia, China, Taiwan, Indonesia and Singapore.

The grand finale saw a total of 10 participants battling it out in the Solo/Duet Instrumental (Chinese & Western) of the competition.

Three solo finalists were presented with the Platinum Gold with Honours Award (First Runners-Up) receiving 80% scholarship and RM1,000 cash prize each, whereas one team took home the Gold with Honours Award (Second Runner-Up) with 50% scholarship and RM800 cash prize.

The first runners-up were Muhammad Rizki Ikhsan from Indonesia (Cello/Hungarian Rhapsody), and Taiwanese Hu Ya Ru (Chinese Mandolin/Willful Music and Li Wan Ru (Chinese Mandolin/Sound of Qin Under River & Moon).

Malaysian duo Wu Guan Yi and Cheng Zuo Hao (Er Hu/Chu Song) won third place.

The panel of judges reserved their judgments and announcement regarding the grand prize award for this year’s competition.

The winners were judged based on presentation, expression, style, clarity, creativity and overall performance. A team of judges included International Music Adjudicators Alliance director (Asia Pacific) Dr. Ken Chang, Feng Tian You, Heilongjiang Song and Dance Theatre conductor Qiu Shi Xian, deputy conductor of the Taipei City Orchestra and Malaysia’s renowned award-winning composer and SEGi College Subang Jaya senior lecturer Yii Kah Hoe.

The sound of music could be heard throughout SEGi College Subang Jaya and Da Men Mall on both days of the competition as the Chinese and Western Instruments category competitors played popular tracks using various instruments, brass and woodwinds while the Vocal category competitors belted out pop and classical numbers.

“Music is one of the most versatile art forms.

“As a learning institution, we act as enablers to help people discover their talent and pursue their passion in music.

“A common misconception by Asian parents is that career pathways are limited in the music and creative industry.

“While it is true (to a certain extent) that Asia’s music and creative industry is not as developed and sophisticated as the western world, it is a fast-growing industry and you’ll be surprised with the opportunities that await our graduates, ” said Yii.

By organising an international competition that is judged by world-class musicians, he said the university hopes to inspire and encourage the younger generation and their parents to hold on to their dream of becoming professional musicians and that their dream, can be made possible by pursuing the right educational qualifications.

He Yue Chinese Orchestra Group Malaysia director Steven Goh Suk Liang said the networking can lift the standard of the local music scene and inspire more people to appreciate the art form.

“The competition is a tapestry of sound, rhythm, expression, emotion and showmanship, ” he said.

The Education Ministry’s deputy director of Sports, Co-curriculum and Arts Suhaimi Sun Abdullah closed the event.

Also present were SEGi Group of Colleges CEO Dr Lisa Tan and the Federation of Chinese Associations Malaysia (Hua Zhong) deputy president Datuk Cheng Lai Hock.

The competition was co-sponsored by Da Men Mall and supported by the He Yue Chinese Orchestra Group Malaysia and the Education Ministry.