Bloomskin was born out of a felt need for quality skincare products and bears nearly 3 decades of experience and passion of renowned founder, Amy Chiew in slimming and beauty business under the brand Keep Slim. Bloomskin was officially launched in Matrade in June 2018 and has been successfully raised awareness to its position as a quality beauty product Buatan Malaysia. Bloomskin products come with a fine quality and formula which is the outcome of latest R&D stages and high-tech laboratory tests with comprehensive quality control measures. The main ingredient in Bloomskin products is finest coconut extracts as the Malaysian signature gift of nature with its unique hydrating and refreshing functions. Bloomskin products are all cruelty-free and were never tested on animals. They are similarly friendly to the environment as well as your skin.

Opening Hours: 10am - 8pm

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  • +603-8011 4020